INTERN INSIGHTS: Introducing Holly Clayton

Holly Clayton shares a bit more about herself as she begins her role as Voluntary Student Writer for Turner Sims.


So let’s start by introducing myself…

I’m Holly Clayton, a previous Sociology and Criminology graduate from the University of Southampton. I’m a lover all music genres, namely RnB and hip-hop. However, I’ve grown up on lots of old school Jazz, Motown and Reggae music, with the influence of my father. Through this, I’ve always gravitated towards music from a young age.

Being a regular attendee of live music events, I want to incorporate my passion of music, learning about the running of live music events, whilst gaining knowledge about music management. Fast forward to 2021, I plan to further my studies. I will be completing my MA in Music Business in September 2021, to gain a broader understanding of how the music industry and live music events work, whilst also obtaining practical experience.

Through my voluntary position at Turner Sims, I hope to shed light on the evolution of Jazz music and the impact it has had upon the blues, classical, RnB and soul music to name a few. Jazz’s iconic influence on popular contemporary music is very compelling and this is something I want to highlight.

In my spare time, I cultivate many music playlists of various genres. This has really helped my mental well-being during the current pandemic, as I’ve discovered a whole new found love for Jazz again. The melodies are so soothing and help to keep a calm mind. More recently, I’ve delved into listening to podcasts associated with artists and their musical journeys.

At the start of 2021, I made the decision to go vegetarian. I love learning about new ingredients and recipes, so it was a no-brainer! Save the animals, whilst being kind to your body. Health is wealth!

I look forward to writing for Turner Sims, discussing music and cultural experiences, as well as my own personal experiences whilst incorporating some playlists on the way.

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