INTERN INSIGHTS: Introducing Olivia Gabriel

We invite Voluntary Student Writer for Turner Sims, Olivia Gabriel, to tell us more about herself…

I’m Olivia Gabriel, a 2nd year Music student at Southampton, and I love playing flute in different ensembles at uni such as the Wind Orchestra and flute trio. I’m also learning to play piano and guitar, which are great as they allow me to play in styles of music outside of the typical flute repertoire, and I really enjoy studying music through a wide variety of genres.

I’m really looking forward to writing for Turner Sims because watching and performing concerts there is definitely one of the highlights of doing Music at Southampton – in fact, one of my last memories before the national lockdown was performing at Turner Sims with Southampton University Symphonic Wind Orchestra in early March. It’s been difficult to get involved in music on campus this past year, but living in a house with several other musicians has meant that an outburst of musical theatre song is never too far away! Spending so much time around other musical people has also given me the chance to discover styles and artists that I’m not so familiar with, as well as sharing childhood favourites. Along with playing instruments, I’ve been trying to stay creative through baking, painting, and making pottery… all great activities for de-stressing!

I really miss the eclectic mix of musical events put on at Southampton, and I hope to explore this range of musical styles through my voluntary writing role. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back to performances at Turner Sims someday soon!

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