INTERN INSIGHTS: Rosie Sewell reflects on her internship experience…


University of Southampton Music student Rosie Sewell reflects on her experience as Turner Sims Concert Promotions Intern. 


‘I’ve had a really fantastic year as Concert Promotions Intern at Turner Sims! I have loved working at the concert hall, and will very much miss going in and working on programmes and Instagram every week.

One of my biggest highlights from this year has been curating the Quick Questions series. These interviews comprise of 5 quick questions to visiting artists about everything from their childhood inspirations and musical tastes to what they would do on their dream day off. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some amazing musicians, including David Owen Norris, Joanna MacGregor, Mark Lockheart, Mathias Eick, Gisela João and Natacha Atlas. Everyone I’ve interviewed has been incredibly interesting and engaging, and being able to practice my interviewing and writing skills has been really fun and rewarding.

I’ve also loved engaging with students and Turner Sims Friends over my time as intern here. From packaging brochures with Turner Sims Friends in the foyer to video interviewing students at the In The Alps concert, being able to engage with the audience and get their opinions and thoughts has been enlightening.

Another highlight for me was running the Arts Council England Instagram takeover last summer during the Welsh National Opera family concert. It was amazing to take over this national Instagram account on such a fun day, and seeing the children and families enjoying themselves was so rewarding. This is hand in hand with the fact that we’ve seen a big increase in engagement on our own Instagram page, which is something I’m very proud of.

I’ve absolutely loved my time working at Turner Sims, and it has been a really formative part of my university experience. I will definitely still frequent the concerts Turner Sims puts on when we are all back to normal, and maybe even write a review or two…!’

Rosie Sewell


Keep an eye on Rosie’s blog The Rosie Word for future reviews and interviews!

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