Introducing our new Concert Promotions Intern: Isobel McMichael


So far, interning at Turner Sims has been a really insightful and stimulating experience. I am really enjoying working behind the scenes promoting concerts, designing programmes and communicating with artists. I love channelling my creativity into new projects in such a vibrant and diverse music venue. One of my favourite aspects of working at Turner Sims is attending concerts that I have worked on to promote. There is something really satisfying about seeing the finished product of something that I know has taken months to prepare, especially talking to other concert-goers and building relationships through the Friends scheme that Turner Sims has to offer.

Encouraging my fellow students to attend concerts is something I am really passionate about. Having an acclaimed venue like Turner Sims right on our doorstep is invaluable. In the upcoming months I am looking forward to developing the connection between music students and Turner Sims, something I know will be instrumental in keeping the live music scene in Southampton exciting and diverse. The Chris Potter Trio and Joanna Macgregor have been two of my highlights, the diversity of acts is really valued in keeping audiences inspired in their support for Turner Sims. I am really looking forward to immersing myself in new projects this coming year.


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