Introducing our new Concert Promotions Intern: Lauren Jolliffe

Our brand new Concert Promotions Intern tells us a bit more about herself…

My name’s Lauren and I’m the new Concert Promotions Intern at Turner Sims!

I’m currently a Masters student at the University of Southampton, studying on the new course, International Music Management. Growing up, I never really knew what career I wanted to progress in the future. Studying at a grammar school, I was surrounded by academically-motivated pupils who wanted to become physicists and world leaders to name a new. But me? I loved music. It wasn’t until I started listening to a wider range of music and attending concerts that I realised how much I wanted music to play a bigger role in my life.

Whilst I have oodles of experience performing with a Pop Idol karaoke machine at the ripe age of six, I didn’t think it was quite enough to pursue a career as an artist… So, I worked towards the next best thing – a music manager. From taking a leap and applying for a music management course in one of the UK’s top universities, I gained a much-needed confidence boost to start building a career in music, and I still can’t quite believe I got accepted and am studying my dream course!

I applied for the Concert Promotions Internship so that I could gain real-world experience of working in the industry alongside my taught Masters. Attending my course welcome talk in the concert hall last year, it’s so surreal to now be getting involved in the curation and marketing of upcoming shows. With live performance slowly coming back, I can’t wait to see what the new year and this experience holds.

In my spare time, I love discovering new artists through TikTok and the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify. Aside from music, I enjoy playing video games (I was an avid Animal Crossing player in the first lockdown) and spending time with my friends and family.

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