Moving Still: A walk through nature

This spring, Turner Sims is delighted to be involved with this immersive film and research project inspired by nature, music and art.

Researchers within the School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, in partnership with John Hansard Gallery, Turner Sims Southampton and the Health and Wellbeing Community Hub at the University of Southampton, are inviting you to participate in an evaluation of a co-created nature-themed visual art and music video resource to support wellbeing during Covid-19 and beyond. The study is funded by the Public and Community Engagement Development Fund Awards, Public Engagement Research Unit at the University of Southampton.

Involvement in creative online art and music activities play a key role in supporting wellbeing and promoting a connection to the social world. This has especially been the case during the Covid-19 pandemic, where such activities have provided valuable opportunities for people to engage in creative activities and connect with other people. Engagement with nature, for example, whilst taking a walk locally, or through engagement with online nature images or through books, has also been linked to improved wellbeing and satisfaction with life.

However, there is little understanding of the role of engaging with nature-themed visual art and nature-inspired music upon wellbeing.

This video has been created with members of the public or public contributors, an artist and musician, a nature-themed visual art and music Video resource which brings together the elements of art, music and nature.

We would be grateful if you could provide your response to this video here to help this research!

For further details about the project please contact:

Cindy Brooks, Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences

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