Quick Questions – Hyelim Kim of The Third Orchestra

We look forward to Hyelim Kim joining the star-studded line-up of The Third Orchestra! Ahead of their performance with Anna, Issa, and Matt on Thursday 30 March, we catch up with the Taegŭm player over some Quick Questions.

Credit to Tatiana Gorilovsky

LJ: How does performing solo recitals compare to performing in an orchestra, and how do you adapt your playing style to complement the performers around you?

HYELIM: In that sense, I believe that improvisation plays an important role. When performing with different musicians in an orchestra, one should be able to flexibly adjust the balance between sticking to one’s own style and accommodating to the style of others. Of course, in order to do so, one must have a precise understanding of what their own language is.

LJ: You believe that Korean heritage can act as an artistic inspiration for the contemporary and cosmopolitan environment of the UK. How do you cross-over genres, especially in a group like The Third Orchestra that features musicians from a variety of backgrounds?

HYELIM: Korean music tends to explore a wide range of tone colours, as we believe that tone colour conveys emotions. Therefore, I would like to introduce unique Korean tone colours that can convey distinct emotions to the palette of British culture.

LJ: What excites you most about playing in The Third Orchestra, and what are some of your highlights from your time with the group?

HYELIM: It is very exciting to be surrounded by amazing musicians from different styles, races, and age groups, playing together at the same time. The experience creates a different vibe from the usual settings, and the dynamics inspire me musically and culturally, fuelling my discovery of new facets of myself.

Discover how all these musical influences have inspired Hyelim’s career up until now, in the ground-breaking project, The Ripple Effect with The Third Orchestra, on Thursday 30 March.

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