Quick Questions: Isata Kanneh-Mason

The brilliant young pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason returns to the Turner Sims stage this autumn. Concert Promotions Intern Lauren Jolliffe asks her some Quick Questions ahead of her performance on Tuesday 4 October

LJ: We are excited to see you return to Turner Sims. Your programme this time is inspired by the imaginations and experiences of childhood. What are your earliest memories of childhood, and who were your inspirations growing up?

IKM: I remember listening to lots of music, in the car and at home. I was inspired by Martha Argerich and Vladimir Ashkenazy and used to listen to Rachmaninov 2nd piano concerto a lot, along with lots of Schubert’s chamber music.

LJ: Your last performance at Turner Sims included works by Clara Schumann (who was also the focus of your debut album Romance – the Piano Music of Clara Schumann), this time we are looking forward to hearing Fanny Mendelssohn’s Easter Sonata. Are there more female and/or little known or neglected composers you are intending to champion in the future?

IKM: Its always wonderful when I discover a new work that I love, especially when it’s by a lesser known composer. I’m sure that I will continue to discover and play these pieces in the future.

LJ: You come from a famously musical family, largely known for performing classical music. What was the first album you ever bought?

IKM: Funnily enough I think it was Rihanna. My parents bought all the classical albums that I grew up with, but I grew up with all kinds of music, and once I hit 12 and could buy my first music, that was the album that I chose.

LJ: What are you most looking forward to about your performance at Turner Sims?

IKM: I’m looking forward to being back in Southampton, as both my parents studied and met each other at the university. My mum was frequently in the Turner Sims building!

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