Turner Sims At Home…

It’s hard to stay motivated and creative while being in your house all day… so here are some activity suggestions and top tips from the staff at Turner Sims to keep you creating, moving and having fun!

We would love to know how you are keeping busy during lockdown! Send your tips and pics to info@turnersims.co.uk or tweet us @TurnerSims


1. Grow something

Even though everything else in the world seems to have stopped, spring is still well on its way. There is no better time to grow some house plants, or get out into the garden if you have one!

Head of Operations, Jay Mendivil, has been participating in a hotly contested Sunflower Growing Competition with her household, and Marketing Officer Joanna Roberts has been working on the scrub of land known as the ‘side garden’.

TOP TIP: Check out The Telegraph’s reccomendations for buying plants online


2. Get outside and get moving

Although we have to spend a lot of time inside, we are still allowed that coveted hour of exercise a day! If you live near an open park, go on a run or a stroll and see how many newly sprung flowers and spring joys you can see.

Marketing freelancer Daniela Gerstmann has been bird-spotting on her daily walks. Most of the birds, especially the geese, are very much used to humans and don’t seem to mind people walking by.

Arts Administrator Elizabeth Howard has been discovering new pathways and secret shortcuts around Hedge End. On her walks, her and her family have been hunting for painted rocks left there by other families and artists, and are then posting the photos onto this facebook page.

TOP TIP: If you don’t live near an open green space, then wander round the houses and see if you can spot all of the rainbows that have been pinned up in windows by local children.


3. Cook something

If you’re quickly running out of meal ideas, here are some fun recipes to keep you and your family’s taste buds entertained!


4. Show your support for key workers with some arts and crafts

This one is especially good if you’ve got kids in your house, though it isn’t limited to any age group! Join in on the lovely trend of putting pictures of rainbows up in windows to support key workers and add some sparkle to everyone’s walks round the block. Alternatively, you can write some nice sayings, such as ‘love, ‘smile’, ‘thank you’, ‘strength’ and ‘#choosejoy’.

TOP TIP: Buy some liquid chalk pens and draw rainbows straight onto the window. It washes off easily, and is great fun!


5. Learn a language

There are so many free online resources for language learning, and there is no better time to start than now! Have you been to a concert in Turner Sims’ World Series and been inspired by different languages and cultures? Is there someone you particularly want to travel? Concert Promotions Intern Rosie has started learning Korean…

Here are some links to get you started in a few languages:

Arabic Lessons 
Best Youtubers

French Lessons 


German Lessons
Sallys Welt 

Japanese Lessons
Tokai Onair 

Korean Lessons 

Spanish Lessons 
Joanna Hausmann 

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