Who doesn’t love ice-cream? More importantly, who doesn’t love Roskilly’s ice cream?…

We are pleased to announce that here at Turner Sims we will soon be stocking Roskilly’s delicious range of organic ice cream. Combining world-class entertainment with award-winning ice cream to enhance your customer experience.

The ice cream will be on sale pre-concert and during intervals for customers to sample an extended range of quality ice-cream whilst enjoying inspiring music.

Roskilly’s ice cream only ever use milk and cream from their lovely Jersey herd, which graze on pastures that have been farmed in a traditional and sustainable way for generations on their organic, working farm situated on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall.

As you immerse yourself in great music at Turner Sims, make sure you give your taste buds an excellent adventure too! As if you needed any more incentive to visit Turner Sims than this…

Check out our Autumn 2018 season here

Turner Sims believe that in order to be a sustainable organisation we should consider environmental, social and financial performance and responsibilities.

Turner Sims is a department of the University Of Southampton – one of the UK’s leading research institutions contributing to the science that underpins our understanding of climate change, and to the technical advances and social changed that will help up adapt to a changing environment. Please view the full Sustainability Policy here

Roskilly’s ice cream are committed to environmental management and sustainability

Our commitment to environmental management and sustainability is unquestionable. We have a number of initiatives in place including:
Water-recovery system – so that water used in the production unit for the freezing and cooling can be recycled into drinking water for our cows
Heat recovery systems – The product processing in the factory has been designed to minimise energy costs with heat from the cold store and refrigerators being recycled and re-used to provide hot water for dish-washing and heating
Land management – Use of and expansion of reed beds for grey water purification. On-site full sewage treatment works.
Factory insulation – that cuts down the need for space heating
Re-cycling – of waste plastics, cardboards and packaging
Social sustainability – with 95% of the companies’ workforce employed from within a 5 mile radius.
Biomass boiler – we have installed a 750KW biomass steam boiler to produce all the heat and steam required for the milk processing.
Ingredients are sourced through UK based suppliers, with fruit purchased across the UK and Europe depending on supply and demand


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