The Ripple Effect – Schools Concert

The Ripple Effect: The Third Orchestra was an exciting new project presented by Turner Sims Southampton in association with Orchestras Live. The Third Orchestra is an inclusive, multi-cultural orchestra which sets out to dissolve boundaries between cultures and build acoustic bridges between style and genre. They worked with three musicians from Southampton to co-create new music for The Ripple Effect, and the project culminated in a special concert for schools and a public evening concert.

267 students (Years 4-7) and SEN secondary school Great Oaks, along with 30 teachers and supporting adults had an amazing experience during the Turner Sims performance. They listened to Coastal, the work created especially for the Southampton concert, alongside other Third Orchestra repertoire. They had the opportunity to hear about musical instruments from around the world including the Korean Flute, the Turkish Oud and the Indian Dilruba.

Fascinating insight into world instruments the pupils would otherwise not get to see/hear in real life.”


Students experienced the way the director conducts the performers, learning some of the hand commands as they contributed to several of the pieces and they witnessed the power of an orchestral experience with 17 performers filling the stage.

They hadn’t been to a university or concert hall before. They enjoyed making links between instruments they knew and those they didn’t, they knew bits about the elements of music to apply their knowledge to.”


Participating schools were from Southampton and included: Mason Moor Primary School, St Mary’s CofE Primary School, St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Bittern Park School, Bassett Green Primary, Great Oaks School.

The Korean song sounded like the whispering of old souls”

Pupil, Great Oaks School

All images © Nosa Malcolm