Buck And Billie


The Buck Clayton Legacy Band
Alyn Shipton band leader, bass
Ian Smith trumpet
Adrian Fry trombone
Alan Barnes, Matthias Seuffert reeds
Martin Litton piano
Bobby Worth drums

Julia Biel vocals

In January 1937, one of the great musical partnerships began in the New York recording studios, when Billie Holiday teamed up with trumpeter Buck Clayton and members of Teddy Wilson’s band. For much of the next twenty-two years, Buck and Billie continued to play and record together. In this special presentation, the Buck Clayton Legacy Band (led by bassist and broadcaster Alyn Shipton, presenter of Jazz Record Requests on BBC Radio 3) is joined by vocalist and brilliant Billie Holiday interpreter Julia Biel, to explore that musical treasure trove. From Back In Your Own Back Yard to Good Morning Heartache, many favourites are there, including Teddy Wilson-style charts of some of the numbers that Billie only recorded with big band or orchestra, plus the emotional punch of pieces such as God Bless The Child.