Sebastian Plano + Support


Argentinian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Sebastian Plano is best known for his unique approach to music creation – uninterrupted nights playing and recording every single note by himself in his Berlin studio, layering each musical phrase at a time. Whilst from a classically trained background, his work is hugely varied and informed equally by electronic music, as well as artists as varied as Radiohead, Arvo Pärt, Talk Talk, Jeff Buckley plus folk music and Argentinian Tango and its proponents such as Astor Piazzolla.

The distinctive result is passionate, emotionally stirring pieces that fuse acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Layering piano, cello, and percussion with electronic sounds and treatments, his solo recordings often give the impression of full chamber ensemble performances.

Following his Grammy-nominated 2019 release Verve, tonight Sebastian performs music from his new Mercury KX album Save Me Not. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique and ethereal soundscape created by this extraordinary artist.



Tonight, support comes from critically acclaimed musical artist Tom Adams. Defined both by a distinctive atmospheric approach to production and his unique falsetto vocals, Tom’s music has been described as being ‘a wonderfully intimate, intensely emotive experience’ (Clash Magazine).

A voice that will leave you speechless. Haunting and beautiful, his delicate falsetto is arresting and magical. Wonderland Magazine