Julia HÜlsmann Trio


Julia Hülsmann piano
Marc Muellbauer double bass
Heinrich Köbberling drums

It would be hard to imagine German jazz without Julia Hülsmann and her trio, who for 18 years now have helped shape contemporary jazz in the country and beyond. The Berlin-based pianist makes her Turner Sims debut with music from her latest ECM release Sooner And Later, an album which distils the experience of journeys to distant destinations.

Sooner And Later is an album that grows in appeal with repeated listening. The trio masters interplay and while that dynamic takes precedence over solo time, there are numerous opportunities to appreciate each of the players individually. The quieter moments are warm and enveloping, each with a distinct personality. Where the trio displays their more energetic side, they show a brilliance for creating complex and highly engaging melodies. Sooner And Later is a significant achievement for a trio that had set a high bar, long ago. All About Jazz