The Printmakers


Nikki Iles piano
Norma Winstone vocals
Mark Lockheart saxophone
Mike Walker guitar
Steve Watts bass
James Maddren drums

Sometimes, one supergroup comes along that really is very special indeed. Assembled by award-winning jazz pianist Nikki Iles, and brought together by their collective love of song, The Printmakers’ music defies category and sets out to cross the boundaries that traditionally separate jazz, folk and the contemporary music world. Their 2015 release on Basho Records, Westerly, was received with huge critical acclaim.

In the old days, this band would have had the words ‘All-Stars’ in their name. Every one of them is a leading figure in British contemporary jazz… It’s remarkable how just five instruments and voice can suggest space and depth as they do. The Observer

It struck me, listening to Nikki Iles’ Printmakers band that if the British Council or whoever wanted to share with the world the jazz of this country, then this would be the ideal band. It feels like the most modern and vital vehicle for all those essential core qualities of the best British jazz. The Jazz Breakfast